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sustainably produced, nutrient dense, locally sourced fats to feed your skin

Good FAT Skincare

Lard, a good fat That can nourish our bodies and minds from the inside out

"Good Fat" - isn't that an oxymoron? Turns out fat is not evil like we've been taught. Eating fat does not make you fat and substitutes from the factory or "vegetables" (another lie or, to be politically correct, "marketing gimmick", canola (another "marketing gimmick", the plant is actually called "rape") is not a vegetable at all) fall short on either taste, nutrition, or both. Many of these substitute oils are also raised in completely unsustainable or environmentally destructive systems controlled by large corporations that most people would prefer to not support (and not live next to).

All our products are created in small batches by hand using the best source of lard available: we raise it ourselves! Our animals are raised humanely and in a perennially based system (and in the sun!), learn about our practices and certifications here:

Why lard? Lard is a local, renewable resource. It is one of the best ingredients for making beauty products on the planet! Lard is similar to our own fat so our body accepts it. In soap, lard is known for creating a very hard soap bar (no gooey soap here). Synthetic petroleum based oils are often the base for many beauty products on the market, but they do not penetrate the skin, rather form an oil barrier on the surface of the skin. Lard is exceptionally high in essential fatty acids (think omegas) and pigs raised in the sun are loaded with vitamin D - meaning you can stop buying supplements from the factory and start using whole food sources from the farm that are always utilized much better by our bodies (vit D needs fat to be absorbed well). As a cooking agent, lard can withstand high heats without losing its structure and nutrition (olive oil goes rancid and produces free radicals at high temperatures - never use it for frying).  Yes, this means bacon can be a health food!

Traditionally lard was used for everything from soap to salves, frying to baking, oils and lubricants for military and civilian tools and vehicles, and on and on. Special "lard breeds" of pigs were raised specifically for their fat, quite the opposite of today when they are raised for their extremely lean "white" meat that our grandparents wouldn't even recognize as pork (it should NOT be white and lean, but red and fatty) and put in the category of overcooked chicken if they tasted it! So, let's get past the billion dollar budgets that are outright lying to you to protect themselves and keep shareholders happy and let's get back to basics and appreciate this villainized product that should be the hero of our health & wellness story.

Back to basics also means we need to use all of the animal. Eating the bacon and throwing away the lard is unsustainable, wasteful and disrespectful. So, let's eat our bacon guilt-free, wash our greasy fingers with lard-based soap and kiss the person we love with lips that are smooth and moist from lovely lard!!!  It will be revolutionary. :)

Want to learn more so you can stop being afraid and start embracing fat again! Learn more at one of our workshops about lard or soapmaking or find your local Weston A. Price chapter to find fat-friendly, amazing people close to you...your life may never be the same.

*Note that not all lard is created equal. Use only organically raised, pastured lard that is not chemically "cleaned" or preserved.